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ACE: stands for our aspiration for excellence. We strive to contribute as a leader in advancing STEM education.

BOT: symbolizes ROBOTICS, emphasizing our alignment with technology, innovation, and STEM education, core values of our brand.

T: signifies TECHNOLOGY, underscoring our dedication to technological advancement and innovation.

ACEBOTT means our commitment to continuous exploration, technological innovation, and educational excellence, reflecting our belief and ambition in the future.

Who are we?

Founded in 2013, ACEBOTT is a leading global manufacturer of professional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) education solutions and innovative open-source products. We are committed to establishing a sales, marketing and service system to provide professional STEM education solutions and services to our global customers. The product line covers a wide range of products such as the learning kits, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Micro:Bit controller board, intelligent robots, and a range of sensors and modules. These products are designed to meet the needs of children age 8+ and educational institutions, to stimulate their creativity and technical skills, and to promote STEM education.

Commission and vision

Our commission is to empower children with STEM education solutions to foster a world of creativity and inspiration within them. ACEBOTT aims to provide STEM education solutions that cultivate children's tech proficiency and innovation mindset to guide them to be creative problem solvers of the future.

The origin of the story

ACEBOTT originated from a team of teachers and engineers who have been teaching in the STEM field for many years. We were constantly confused that there were no products that could stimulate children's creativity, no systematic, interesting and advanced tutorials, and no guidance to help children with what kind of products they should use at what stage.

To solve this problem, the ACEBOTT was born. ACEBOTT specializes in 3 major product series: in the Explorer series, we created storytelling tutorials to cultivate children's interest in learning; in the Education Solution series, we designed a series of advanced tutorials and products to give children direction and goals for learning; in the Inventor series, we built a comprehensive range of robots in the hope of developing children's creativity and expansion abilities. Additionally, we provided rich learning scenarios for smart home, smart farm, IoT, AI, and other life scenarios, and through the structure to make learning more concrete, and multi-platform support includes rich development boards (ESP32, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit) and multi-language platforms (Arduino, Python, Scratch Blockly Programming) to meet the different learning needs of children. Up to 100 sensors that meet children’s creativity and expanding abilities.

ACEBOTT derives from our passion for education. We believe that every child is a potential inventor, and every exploration is the beginning of creation. Our mission is to "Empower Children, Create Future" and inspire curiosity and creativity in the younger generation, develop their technical skills and lay a solid foundation for them to become tomorrow's problem solvers. We will continue to make continuous efforts to provide high-quality STEM education products and services to children and educational institutions and contribute our efforts to promote the development of STEM education.

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